patchwork cushion

fabric squares in pink

I have been on a real crafting roll this week. I finished my girls cot blanket in record time, have cut out all the fabric for another patchwork blanket, and a matching cushion, I have made another 2 cushions and I am half way through some bunting that is a gift for a fellow crafter.

patchwork border in pink

One of the cushions that I made has been on my rapidly lengthening ‘to do’ list but I grabbed the opportunity and got on with it. I finished it over the weekend even though most of the time I was glued to the olympics.

floral and gingham

I’ve made bunting and other cushions with names on but like the simplicity and the timelessness of a patchwork trim to a name cushion.

patchwork corner

There are more boys than girls in my family and amongst my friends but I still seem to have more pink fabric than anything else. Some of it is quite gorgeous so a cushion for Lucy had to be pink and I happen to know her favourite colour is pink (of course!).

border squares and centre panel ready to join together

I probably would have finished it sooner than Sunday but I couldn’t decide how to finish it so t put the fine detail out to vote on Facebook and Twitter.


Initially, the general favourite and what got most votes was the ‘with’ image but eventually, the overwhelming favourite was ‘without’ so ‘without’ it is.


The Lucy cushion is simple and clean and I tend to agree with my friends, groups and tweeps. It doesn’t need the flowers adding.

the hand appliquéd letters

This cushion has a home to go to but I’ve made another waiting for a different little girl’s name and it will go in my shop on Facebook, wowthankyou, coriandr and folksy.


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