chapel crafts

the chapel in the village

Our neighbours have started up a really lovely furniture business and they make it all from home. We don’t see much of each other since we are only really around at weekends but there was a May Day parade in the village one weekend and Emma & Paul had set up a stall outside their house.

The fair is all connected to the flower parade in spalding and all the local churches have their own displays that really must be seen. Some have their own fairs and others just open the church to show off the lovely arrangements

We had no idea that Emma and Paul made furniture let alone such lovely furniture. We got chatting about selling on line and craft fairs and exchanged some details that would hopefully be of use to the other.

chapel craft bunting

They have a firm following on Facebook and they sell at fairs along with their shop in Long Sutton Garden Centre.

I’d been thinking about bunting for them since the  fair and contacted Emma to see if they would find their own name bunting of use. I would have just made it and given it to them but not everyone likes it and they might not have felt they had any need for it.

bunting hanging on the line

The name is an easy collection of letters but the reason it is called Chapel Crafts must be because our village has the most delightful and very unique little chapel in it and the village is named because of that chapel.

Emma & Paul are lucky that they get to see it from their house every day, like we do. We actually got married in the chapel too so are particularly fond of it. Chapel Crafts makes complete sense and has a lovely ring to it.

chapel craft bunting

So to complete the bunting, I put a little image of our sweet little chapel onto the end flags.

I hope they like it and it helps when they do their next fair or it goes into their shop at Silverwood  Nursery and Garden Centre at Long Sutton.


6 thoughts on “chapel crafts

  1. cheryl
    thankyou so much for our stunning bunting the colours are just perfect and the chapel is amazing. like yourself the chapel means alot to us after also getting married their and naming our business after the chapel and you have provided us with so much in this bunting as it shows our wedding day and business, 2 very important times of our lives brought together by yourself in your bunting . We are hoping to display it at silverwood garden centre to show it off, we realy cant thankyou enough for you kindness it means alot to myself and paul and if chapel crafts can repay your kindness please let us know
    many thanks emma and paul xx

  2. It’s lovely! I must admit my heart stopped for a moment when I read too fast and thought you’d said ‘not everyone likes it’ – but you meant bunting in general, not *this* bunting! It’s really lovely – so pleased it was well received. Also, how nice to find you have crafty neighbours.

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