pretty princess pinafores

pink starburst

My nephew’s little girl is one year old shortly and it has given me the perfect excuse to make these lovely, simple pinafore dresses.

blue floral

Like all little girls these days, Ella likes pink. Well, I think her parents like her dressed in pink actually. It’s not important who is the the one who actually likes it, she looks adorable in whatever she wears. She may, however, be a little young yet for such heady fashionista decisions as what the colour of her clothes should be.

cut out and ready to put together

coming together nicely

my trusty frister rossman cub 7

Anyway, I have made her two pinafore dresses; one pinafore to suit her / her parents preferences and another because I think the fabric is sweet.

pocket detail

My mum found the hot pink starburst fabric and I found the floral. They are both remnants. The lining fabrics are offcuts and the threads are from the incredible thrifty purchase I made at a car boot sale some weeks ago. The buttons are from my vast collection that are organised into colours and lined up in jars on the window sill waiting for my workroom to be done. Everything has come from remnant sales, car boot sales, my mum’s and my gran’s sewing boxes, charity shops or have been thrifty gifts and some of the buttons came with my recently purchased vintage sewing box.


The pinafores are completed now, packaged and ready to be posted. Her birthday isn’t for a few weeks yet but I hope to see some photos of her in it to update the post.

I have been meaning to make something like these for so long and have really enjoyed making them so I have made some other sizes for my FB shop!!

8 thoughts on “pretty princess pinafores

  1. they look gorgeous..and let me tell you I have three Granddaughters and up until a little while ago they wouldn’t wear anything but pink!

    • Hi Made By

      I started with a pattern for something similar and resized and adapted them to suit. The original had no pockets and wasn’t fully lined (which I prefer) either.

    • Hi thank you.

      Yes, I used to make nearly all my own clothes and spent my teens recreating the stock of Top shop, Miss Selfridges & Hennes but I like making childrens clothes best. Just haven’t done it for a while.

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