Do you take this woman

wedding bells, ribbons and beads

I referred recently to one of my dearest friends and their pending matrimonials in a post about a present I had made for one of the guys at work as his wedding present.


‘just married’

The combination of cream and white that I used for Jon and Nat’s wedding present was inspired by something I made for Mark & Vicki’s wedding party.


old route master wedding bus (image from

The wedding was yesterday afternoon and took place at the very lovely Islington registry office. The reception was at our HQ (where the coven/stitch and bitch/other have had some lovely evenings out together).


Wedding Bus outside Islington town hall (image from

The decorating of the reception space and transport was down to the wedding party and with a bit of secret emailing between Vicki & Mark’s daughter, Ella and myself there was to be a skein of ‘just married’ bunting added to the old route master wedding bus that was due to take us to the reception.

‘just married’ flags with bell and bow decoration flags

I particularly love this bunting. It is subtle and simple but the most elaborate bunting I have made to date. It is decorated with beads that are a gentle reference to Vicki’s amazing jewellery making skills but the rest is just weddingy.

bells, bows and beads

Most of all I loved making it for Mark and Vicki because they are very special to us and every stitch brought to mind times together, stories we’ve heard and moments in their lives since we’ve know them.

It has been difficult to keep the bunting a secret but it has stayed a secret and was a nice surprise when the party got on the bus.

Needless to say the day and evening was a roaring success. Every one had a brilliant time and we are taking it gently today.

Congratulations Mark & Vicki!!!!


4 thoughts on “Do you take this woman

  1. Oh this reminded me of my wedding – we had an old route master bus too – from Marylebone Registry office. Sadly no beautiful wedding bunting. But one of my friends made everyone sing on the bus!!!

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