car crochet

granny squares

When I am lucky enough to be the passenger on a long drive, I often get my teeth stuck into some crocheting that I keep in a bag behind my seat.

In keeping with granny blankets and my own upcycling/recycling preference, every single bit of wool is either the ends from something already made (be it tea cosies, gloves, hats or scarves), bits bought at car boot sales/charity shops or oddments that my mum has given me from her knitting projects. Some of it has been around for absolutely years and I can see some of the long gone garments in my minds eye when I’m crochetting away

ends for finishing off

It is a slow process but a brilliant use of my time in the car where I can crochet and chat to JC en route!!

The dog always travels at my feet in our big old X3 and his help is always welcome.


I have only managed about 75 squares which is surprisingly far from the finished size that I want to eventually achieve and even when all the squares are finished, I will have all the ends to finish off. That is a horrible and very long job but it has to be done. I have joined the squares as I go which reduces the amount of finishing off and it feels like it is evolving nicely but I still have a fair way to go.

yes, helping

I’m not in any hurry though and I have plenty of wool and hopefully plenty of journeys to come so I will get there eventually.

72 squares of odd ends of wool



8 thoughts on “car crochet

    • Aww thanks Deborah!! The thing I love about crochet is how quickly it happens once you get a grip on it. I hope you enjoy it, I’m sure you will. Can’t wait to see your efforts.


  1. The blanket looks great, I can’t crochet but I am knitting squares with odds and ends. Unfortunately I get car sick so can’t do anything crafty in the car, however I have perfected bopping to Fleetwood Mac in the front seat!!!

  2. Aww! I do love your dog 🙂 and the blanket, of course! I love the idea of keeping the bag in your car like that, it’s so nice to do a bit of crafting on the go. Annoyingly I can’t crochet in the car either! I can tatt on the train, but cars are a step too far. The blanket is looking really nice.

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