Baby Bunting

leo bunting

My very clever friend V suggested that I try using small flags in my bunting. Having seen something at the knitting and stitching show, it got me thinking.

When a name is very short, it is difficult to make it interesting or even too decorated with cars, and hearts and flowers on the flags that don’t have letters on them. Very, very short names like Leo mean that without these extra flags, it is really short bunting, or very plain bunting.

alternate small flags

So, with V’s suggestion still in my head, and because one of the boy’s at work has just become a dad this week, the opportunity came up.

Little Leo now has this new style bunting for his nursery and I’m very pleased with it. It’s a great way to make bunting fun for a short name.

theodore grey bunting

Just as Leo arrived Theodore Gray was taking delivery of his bunting from his Grandma.

From one extreme to the other!

hedgehog motif for theodore gray

I have made the shortest bunting name ever and the longest ever all in the same week.

Now I have to get cracking with some for a very little person who has just arrived into my family in Canada!

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