a new cousin in canada

steph and sweet alessia

I have family in Canada.

They are cousins, whether that is 2nd, 3rd or 4th,  25 times removed or not, I’m entirely unsure.

steph and pat

I do know, however, that I like them all enormously and don’t mind what distance the actual relationship is. What is a real shame though is that the real geographic distance they are away from us means we see little of them. I miss them!


Thanks to the delights of email and particularly Facebook, though we are able to keep in touch.


I’d go so far as to say that I know far more about what they are doing in life than I might if they lived round the corner  I love face book for bringing old, new and distant friends and family into my living room and onto my phone. I actually know more about some friends now that they have emigrated or live in the sticks now because of FB than when they DID live round the corner.  Nuts isn’t it?

the ciccone family

Anyway, FB is not the reason for the blog entry although FB is the reason I knew immediately that my lovely cousin Steph had a little girl in mid October. Steph and Pat got married about 2 years ago and are now 3 thanks to a very sweet looking little lady called Alessia who has joined them to make up their little family in Toronto.

Steph told us about the baby when she and Pat got the great news and I have been making odd bits with the possibility of this baby arriving as a girl (and because I seem to have a lot of pink fabrics) very much in mind.  I was lucky!!

sweet little alessia

So, I have made Alessia some bunting for her nursery and the snuggle/cot blanket I made in August goes with it perfectly. Both are now on their way to canada!! Alessia may need the blanket as the weather closes in and Canada gets some fearsome winters.

lovely shot

I have raided some of Steph’s fabulous photos from FB and I hope she doesn’t mind the entry.  Flicking through them has made me quite emotional, I don’t mind admitting!!

alessia bunting

Congratulations Steph and Pat, she is a little cutie and you both look so happy. I couldn’t be happier on your behalf.


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