winter fair

stall at the winter fayre

I did two markets this weekend and I’m home now and starting to feel the tiredness creeping in but they have been fun, especially today.

robin & rose candles

Yesterday I had a stall at the north london rudolph steiner school’s winter fayre in Hornsey. The school hall was decorated with garlands and wreaths and Christmas candles which made it look very festive. I sat working at my stall while the mum’s, dad’s and school kids had their lunches, listened to singing, a violin piece, the raffle results and story telling.

tiny 4-ply granny squares on the life saving hottie

It was very busy considering just how incredibly grim and wet the weather was outside. It was absolutely freezing in the hall and were it not for my wonderful friend V coming to my rescue with a hot water bottle full of lovely hot water and wrapped in one of my very own Hot Water Bottle Covers that she owns, I would have suffered.  It really saved the day and meant that my fingers could move again and I was able to get on with a bit of crochetting while I was watching the performances.

I did get the chance to buy a present from Joanna who was doing pottery and came across Maggie of  Robin & Rose who sell the most delicious candles

aya's bunting gift

I had been commissioned to make some bunting for a lady that came to the Harringay Market on the 11th November and so was able to hand it over at the winter fayre and she was very happy with it, I’m pleased to say.

Today, I was back at the Harringay Market in the sunshine and wind (we did have to chase a few things across the playground!!).  A lovely day of catching up with V between chats to customers and other stall holders.

gazebo at Harringay Market

V brought her knitting project and I even got a bit more crocheting done for the tiny granny squares but not much. Today was a busy and social day and great fun because of it.

a blustery view of our stall today

We really enjoyed ourselves today and although there were less visitors to the market today than a few weeks ago, the atmosphere was lovely.

mini granny squares

V mentioned that there is a real sense of community at the market and it is so true.  If you take the time to get chatting to the other stall holders, they are, without exception, lovely and there are some fascinating characters with great back stories.

the cheese stall. yum

My aim is not only to sell all my makes here but to also eat from every single supplier at the market; be it a sandwich, a cake or a coffee and I’ve made a pretty heartfelt attempt at it so far.

I’ve enjoyed Burger Bear’s juicy burgers

the very lovely Silvia and Ritchie

Silmar’s Taste’s incredible Natas

the bell and brisket – salt beef on a rye bagel.. Wow

the bell and brisket‘s amazing salt beef sandwich on a rye bagel

bread etcetera

Batch Bakery‘s Salt Caramel Chocolate Brownie, Marsh Produce‘s chicken and leek pie, or Il Baretto Coffee House’s creamy latte. It’s a big job and it can’t be done in one visit (I hasten to add that this list was consumed over a number of visits and take away!!!) so I will clearly have to keep going back with my stall.

cookie decorating

moroccan crafts

life and cacao – I will be enjoying their 70% with orange when I have my next coffee

storybook pictures

So my next batch of lovely eating will be the 9th December.  Come and see for yourself but please stop by tinyinc’s stall and say hello!


6 thoughts on “winter fair

    • Yes, I am a bit tiered but I’m glad you like the look of the stall. I’m slowly learning not to stress about it and that I can’t display absolutely everything at once. I’m really starting to enjoy the Harringay Market though as it is really sociable and the people are so hard working and endless lovely.

      • I’ve started to realise that less can be more with display, although it’s frustrating not to pile it all high to show it all off. Wish I lived closer so I could pop over to the Haringey Market ~ looks fab.

      • It is fab & I think it is getting fabber (no such word but hey!).

        I still think people need to learn about it and spread the word but we’re getting there!!


  1. As its supposed to be getting colder, I wonder if you should pre-fill and heat all of your hot water bottles as a marketing tactic? 🙂 all the food stalls do look nice. Sounds likes great atmosphere too.

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