I can honestly say, I didn’t really truly see Christmas coming.  I have been so busy since September that although I have made some Christmas gifts and some bits and bobs to sell, October, November and December seem to have disappeared and here I am facing the dawn of 2013.

So what has my time been spent doing?

Monday to Friday has been full time busy with a workload that is about 3 times what I would normally expect for this time of year. Add that to some overtime and a little socialising and the weeks get eaten up.

Weekends have been about catching up on important home things that keep life ticking along, some makes for my stall on Harringay Market, a bit of Christmas shopping and some Commissions.

The market has proved great fun and it has generated a lot of interest. My stock is almost depleted and I am thinking of Valentines day already but here are some of the things that I have managed to make between my last entry and Christmas.

cup candles setting

cup candles setting

cup candles in the making

cup candles in the making

I made cup candle gifts for a few people I know who I knew would love these scented pieces that will be used long after the candle is gone.


alexina bunting

Bunting christmas commission for Alexina


Silmar’s Taste bunting


barcy portuguese emblem


sylvia with her new bunting

Bunting commission for the lovely Sylvia and her husband who run Silmar’s Taste and are regulars at Harringay Market.


car crochet

A bit of car crochet on the long, long drive to do a santa drop to family in the north east. The blanket is slowly growing.


santa, snow man and reindeer stockings


santa stocking


santa’s reindeer stocking

Some Christmas stockings for little boys and girls (I didn’t get the advent calendar finished unfortunately).


lucy’s floral bunting

Lucy bunting in time for Christmas.


another granny blanket in the making

A bit more crochetting but small granny squares in 4-ply this time that kept my fingers warm at the sunday market leading up to christmas.


a cello cushion


a tune from a cello

A christmas commission for a cellist daughter from her very proud dad.


a few fairy lights



Oh, and finally a few christmas decorations before some welcome time off…….

Belated Merry Christmas to you all and here’s to a brilliant 2013.


4 thoughts on “Phew!!

  1. Wow! You have been busy – you must be worn out! It’s so good to see all your commissions. I love the Portugese bunting, and the little reindeer head on the stocking. Here’s to an equally productive but hopefully less manic new year. Happy 2013!

    • I do feel a bit shreaded but I have had a nice break over christmas and done a bit of making ready for the next market so looking forward to what 2013 has to offer.

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