Valentine Cushion

love cushion

love cushion

I have finished one of my many ‘unfinished’ projects and here it is.

I adored the ‘love’ cushions that I made for friends & colleagues wedding gifts and while I was designing them, I had looked at different colours and combinations before settling on the cream ones.

Anyway, whilst trying to find the right combination for the presents, I had prepared one cushion in cream with red letters. It wasn’t subtle enough for a wedding gift but I did think it might make a nice valentine gift for someone.

red needle cord letters

red needle cord letters

The letters are in red needle cord and although it is quite simple, I really like the effect. I love red.

I am definitely going to make more of these and I have some more ideas for a similar cushion with button/beads and other decoration added to the letters or I might try the letters in patchwork or multi colours.

I still have lots of unfinished things and I must get on with those first.

So, for now though, this one is finished and in perfect time for Valentine’s Day!

4 thoughts on “Valentine Cushion

    • Ha ha. Love it!!

      Thank you as always.

      I worked it up in only about 3 sittings having cut out and bondaweb fixed it to the cushion just immediately before doing the blanket stitch. Cord is very tricky for fraying but I had already made the cushion and literally cut the letters out, stuck them down and sewed them on. I think working quickly is the key for sharp edges

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