happy valentine’s day

a little heart message

a little heart message

I’m not sure how most people view valentine’s day…….

I quite like it.

It is a nice way to remind someone how you feel when perhaps that busy life stops you doing it usually.

messages and treats

messages and treats

Although I quite like the idea of Valentine’s Day, I don’t think I’m very good at it.  I need to qualify that statement; compared to my husband I’m not very good at it.

He is great at picking great cards with lovely verses in them, presents that are closely connected to what I am interested in or he has listened to something I have said!

a jar full of love

a jar full of love

Not bad, eh?

That means, however, that I really need to up my game!

So this year, and fueled by the lovely idea of ‘inspiration‘ blog post that delighted me so much in the new year, I decided it was a good guide for a jar of ‘reasons why I love you’.

jut in case an explanation was needed.....

jut in case an explanation was needed…..

I got red paper, a jar and started to find lots of little things to put in there with them.

I did a bit of research and read some lists that other people had made for their girlfriends, husbands, lovers etc and although they were very sweet, they were clearly very personal to the people involved and no substitute for sitting with a pen and paper and making your own list.

a chocolate hug

a chocolate hug

It was easy and it was so much fun!! You really can’t beat a gift that involves thought and effort.

I personally love hand made gifts!!!

I decided on 101 reasons why and every single one of them made me smile. In the true spirit of the gift, hubby is revealing my reasons every few days and rewards himself with one of the chocolates or love heart sugar treats accompanying each of my thoughts (he hasn’t thrown any of them away yet either!!!).

Don’t be lulled into thinking we have some chocolate coated pink candy tinted life; we don’t and at times, I could merrily strangle hubby (as I’m sure he could do the same to me!!!) but I quite like him generally and he isn’t bad considering (LOL).

card and jar

card and jar

All in all, it was a rather lovely valentine’s day and I think he might finally be impressed with my efforts!!

4 thoughts on “happy valentine’s day

    • Thanks Laura.

      That lovely idea on your post has inspired me to make this for valentines day and I am also doing the nice thing per day to inspire me. It’s really not that hard when you think about it.


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