lovely customers

patchwork panel on bag

patchwork panel on bag

One of the delights of blogging, folksying, fairs and doing the harringey market are the lovely people that you come across.

The lovelies heavily outweigh any of the sillies that you encounter I am very pleased to say.

This weekend, I was asked through my blog to supply a lady with 3 of my cable knit cushions in red and I also had to make a loo roll bag for someone who had approached me at the Harringay Market with the request some weeks ago.

bag of bag

bag of bag

I agreed a price for the cable cushions (discounted and with postage and packing included) and parcelled them all up ready to go off to Wales. Just whenI was expecting payment, I got an email to say ‘no thanks, I’ve got 3 from Tesco for £14 each.

I haven’t got a reply to the ‘no thanks’ because it has rendered me somewhat speechless.

bag front

bag front

I was disappointed on so many levels but just as the disappointment was in danger of ruining my weekend and drying up my crafty juices, the very lovely Sophie got in touch to ask how I was getting on with the bag she wanted for hanging spare loo rolls on the back of the loo door.

As it happened, this weekend was the very weekend, I would be making it for her.

patchwork panel on bag front

patchwork panel on bag front

I suffer terribly from confidence  (or severe lack of it) when I am making and especially when I am making something for someone that they have not seen (it is very different to having made something you like and did sort of to suit yourself, someone seeing it and just buying it outright). I had taken a brief from Sophie and then we communicated by text to get the details sorted out so I thought I was on the right track.

hanging on the back of the bathroom door

hanging on the back of the bathroom door

I finished it on Sunday morning and sent her photos of the completed bag hoping that I had interpreted her requirements correctly.

I am always pleased and very relieved when the response is positive. She liked it and it was just what she wanted but better.




Crisis of confidence over so I arranged to meet Sophie at Harringay Market when we would both be going to get our yummy street food lunch and shop for the coming week’s meat and veg.



We had a quick chat when we met and then I got a lovely text complimenting me on the quality of the work and saying how pleased she was with it.



It is so easy to forget the sillies when you have dealings with lovely appreciative people like Sophie.  I have said many times before, that the customers and the ‘craich’ are the best bits about crafting in the public arena and I am pleased to say that the cushions are now unpackaged and back in my little stock cupboard ready for someone who really does want hand knitted cushions instead of some cheap and nasty ‘thing’ from Tesco.


11 thoughts on “lovely customers

  1. The cable cushions are beautiful!! The woman doesn’t deserve them anyway, and I hope another ‘lovely’ customer comes along quickly to snap them up instead – they are really beautiful.

    Love the loo roll bag – great idea too! 🙂

    • Aww thank you. I do love my customers and the majority of dealings I have with people are amazing and very rewarding.

      I’m so pleased that Sophie liked her bag and hopefully I will find a buyer for the cushions like the lovely Peter who wanted one for his girlfriend in holland.

  2. poor you, it is so disappointing when people let you down especially when you had already taken the time and trouble to make them, but at least Sophie liked her bag, it looks really good! That silly person doesn’t know what she has missed out on, obviously cheapness overcomes a quality hand crafted make!

  3. Honestly! Three cushions from Tesco? Hmm. I’m not really sure you should take that personally, but sheesh. I can see why you’d be a bit fed up. Tesco indeed. It’s not quite the same as something beautifully hand crafted. (Was she previously unaware of high street cushion retailers? 😉 ) very glad to hear the nice-sounding Sophie made up for it, and that the cushions will go to a lovely, but different home soon. Onwards!

  4. Now listen here Tiny! All your goodies are gorgeous!! Most of us understand the care and attention that has gone into your designs and we all know know how long it takes to make things by hand. The most important thing is that your genuine customers will appreciate this quality and will care about the items you’ve made for them. We could all go to Tesco and buy cheap imports made on machines… comparison with workmanship or materials. Go girl go!! Avis xx

    • Thank you Avis.

      It’s very lovely of you to say so.

      I realise that my readers/followers/whatever the fabulous bunch on blogdomm people are, are as lovely as my customers! So I have to thank you for being so supportive all!,

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