at last………..

lots of lovely threads

lots of lovely threads

I am sitting typing this post in my new workroom and I am sooooooo excited about it.

It is the perfect easter present to myself and tinyinc.

organised and accessible

organised and accessible

I have ALWAYS had to set up my sewing on the dining table but now I finally have a dedicated space that doesn’t need tidying away of moving around and I am absolutely over the moon with it.

The dining table is now free and our living areas are living areas again.

Our spare bedroom, however, is now set up for me to sew and work in AND JC has a space to work in too that is all his own, opposite mine and all thanks to his DIY efforts this easter weekend.

gheko sand pin cushion

long lost gheko pin cushion filled with sand for sharpening pins

It is a tranquil little room with a lovely silence and peace about it. The patio doors are south facing so it is flooded with sunlight when the weather is right and it also gives you access out into our garden.

I can’t wait for the first time I can work in here with the doors thrown open listening to the sound of birdsong.

We have achieved the best of both worlds with the changes to this room: we have a dedicated workroom space that keeps our flat clear of the mess of laptops and sewing but we have the facility to wheel in the sofa bed and turn it back into a bedroom when necessary.

my sewing desk

my sewing space

We did it on quite a tight a budget although we have overspent slightly (thank goodness for the nightmare that is Ikea, however and £60 desks!!).  That said, the results are perfect for us and I am ecstatic. Wish we’d had the funds to do it a long, long time ago!!!

I now have all my sewing and making ‘things’ in one place. No more trailing from one end of the flat to the other for a piece of fabric or a certain colour of thread.  Everything has a place and everything is in it’s place.

I have unearthed some things that I forgot I had because I’ve never had the chance to use them so it was a bit like an easter egg hunt opening the boxes and organising where everything went.

my work space

my work space

My threads are all in the top drawer of the desk now and laid out so they are easy to see instead of being in a handful of different boxes, my fabrics are all neatly stashed in one cup’d (except for a few storage boxes under my desk that I need to sort through!) and I have shelves on which to display my little collection of vintage sewing stuff.

There are still a few finishing touches to make but I couldn’t be happier.

my wonderful work room

my wonderful work room

6 thoughts on “at last………..

    • I feel incredibly lucky thanks and really wish I had been able to do it an age ago!! I keep finding excuses to come down here to do stuff and slowly but surely I can see how perfectly it will work for me (and it is cosy!!!)

  1. This looks lovely! It’ll be so nice to have a permanent place for your sewing machine. Mine is currently lurking in the front room, like yours used to be, mine gets shuffled about – never quite put away, and never really in it the right place. What a brilliant use of a long weekend 🙂

    • It has been such as satisfying use of a long weekend. I’m a bit frustrated at not actually getting any sewing done but that will happen soon enough. Everything will be so much easier (think my husband is worried that he will never see me again!!).

  2. Love the work-room. What a rewarding project that will be. I notice the 320 K singer machine in pride of place. Speaking of which, mine seems to have gone into automatic mode, and I am at a loss as to how to put it back to manual. Can you help at all. Just finding my way around it really. Have managed to obtain needles and feet recently which is great. Kind regards.

    • Hi Anne

      Thank you for your nice comment about my workroom.

      I’m not sure what to suggest about the 320k. There are lots of interesting sites on the internet and you might find a forum that can help.

      Good luck!


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