more unfinished projects

hand appliqued leaf detail

hand appliqued leaf detail

In between burger bears, loo roll bags and cushion commissions, I have been quietly wading through my unfinished work.

There was so much more than I realised but the pile is slowly diminishing.

the finished cushion

the finished cushion

This week I managed to complete a cushion I was trying something out on.

It’s a nice leafy fabric that is quite current in design. Although completely lovely, I don’t add twiddly bits like piping or frills to my cushions generally so they are quite simple.

leaf details highlighted

leaf details highlighted

My thinking with this fabric was that I could make it slightly three dimensional by appliqueing the leaves on top of the fabric again (if that makes sense). I picked random leaves but generally with a band leaves across the middle.

ikea small worktop ironing board with folding legs

ikea small worktop ironing board with folding legs

It is a lot simpler than most things I make but I like it.

The best thing about it was being able to finish it off in my new work room; the first thing to come out of there but it isn’t my first complete creation to be made in there as I have yet to find the time to do that.

ironing the finished item

ironing the finished item

Can’t wait.


9 thoughts on “more unfinished projects

      • Oh! I have the same one. It was a gift from my boyfriend, when he saw how much I was using the iron as I made my quilt. Neither of us usually iron anything. He spotted it in IKEA when he was on his own and thought it would be *hilarious* to buy his feminist girlfriend an ironing board. As it happens, it was pretty funny πŸ™‚

        Lovely cushion! I have a ton of unfinished projects too… It’s good you have stuff to keep your new room occupied though.

    • Thank you Eskimo Rose!

      I was so pleased to get my workroom at last but I have been so busy, it has been almost impossible to get in there and enjoy it. It is so frustrating!! But now that the weather is hopefully changing and I can get the doors open and the sunshine in, it will be lovely.


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