The Burger Bear Challenge Continues

burger bears mark I, II, III & IV

burger bears mark I, II, III & IV

What do you call a gathering of bears?

A batch?

A bevvy?

A brood?

Apparently it is a sloth or a sleuth of bears!!

Who knew?

mark I, II & III

mark I, II & III

I have now made a total of 4 versions of the pattern I developed for Burger Bear Tom and I am not sure if there is one that I prefer over another.

Each one is a slightly different size and each has characteristics that I like. Perhaps I need to combine those features and bring all the best parts together into one bear.


mark II

mark II

Before I embark on how I think they should be, Tom’s input is key. Let’s not forget that they are actually for him and his customers and I am making them on the back of his challenge…..

mark I

mark I

As always when being judged on my makes (I really can’t understand why people put themselves under the pressures of something like the great british sewing bee – I’d be in bits!!).

Anyway, I was slightly apprehensive and worried the Tom would hate them once he’d seen them face to face (so to speak).

mark II

mark II

My concerns were completely dispelled as Burger Bear loves them and likes bits from each one.  He is also quite happy that there is variation from one to another and he even suggested pink for his moma bear fans.

ickle mark III

ickle mark III

Different cheeses get used on burgers so different yellows work, the brighter green is fun and the faces all have slightly different expressions so they can be as individual as we are.

Burger Bear version 3 is his 0ver all favourite size (it is slightly smaller than the others and very cute!).

I’m busy costing them up at the moment and thinking about the orders that Tom has had for a few already!!!  I may be a bit busy but it is great that people like them and want them.

Woop woop!!

6 thoughts on “The Burger Bear Challenge Continues

  1. Eeeee! They’re really cute 🙂 I like the wiggly lettuce. i was just googling for tomato slices, incidentally, and these are quite nice ( Not sure if you can face sewing on pips or not, but they look quite effective.

    Burger Bear has a stall not far from our old office, I think, in the week. I’m constantly trying to fight off all the amazing burgers that lurk near work, so I never went, but everyone loved them!

    These are super-cute, you’ve done a lovely job!

    • Hey

      Thank you. I love the lettuce too. Just finishing the lettuce on the first of the batch that people want to buy

      Those toms are brilliant!! I’m tempted and might give it a try especially if you see them


    • Thanks. They are great fun aren’t they?

      They’re time consuming but now that I have the pattern sorted out, I hope I’ll get quicker. The trickiest part is stuffing as you go before you close them off.


      • I’ll be intrigued to see how much you sell them for – it’s really tricky isn’t it, when small things take so long. People have asked why I don’t sell my monkeys, and i usually say ‘because if I charged what they were worth in terms of time, they’d be about £300!’
        On the plus side, it looks like you could do some things on the move easily, like tomatoes, cheese, etc – one colour things that don’t need stuffing, and then I tend to think it was dead time anyway (like sitting on the tube) so it doesn’t *really* count…

      • It’s so true, if you really put a price to the time, it just wouldn’t work.

        I already like to make the most of being a passenger & ‘crochet on the go’ so I will definitely do the lettuce & toms on the move.

        I’m hopefully handing 2 over at the weekend.


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