a snuggly comfort blanket

the finished item

the nearly finished item

the little boy of friends of mine has a comfort blanket that he loves dearly.

He loves it so well that it is slightly the worse for wear; it has holes in and bears no resemblance to the white colour that it started out as.



His mum asked me if I could make a replacement and I have done that very thing.

letters appliqued onto fleece

letters appliqued onto fleece

It isn’t complicated. It is about the size of a large cushion cover, has bunched up corners that create little ears (perfect for stroking against skin!) and little satin and different textured tags. I have added his name and a star to his new one and hope that it passes the Drew test.



What is tricky though is the fleecy surface which lends itself to machine sewing but is almost impossible to hand applique with the kind of precision that I prefer and feel most comfortable with.

I’m going to make more as I like the idea and I will do Harringey Market again in June, ready for all those summer babies!!

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