storage solutions

yummy scraps of fabric

yummy scraps of fabric

It makes me quite sad and certainly fed up not to have been sewing or blogging for what seems like so long.

I really miss it and it cheers me up so much when I am doing it, it should be on the NHS.



I’ve spent what feels like weeks with my lovely work station visible out of the corner of my eye but just out of reach and not a single one of my projects has been completed nor a new one started


I have sort of been busy with stuff related to my sewing.

I, like most makers (read hoarder) can’t bear to part with even the smallest scraps of pretty fabric.  It’s great to have around and always comes in handy. There is always one bit that is just perfect for a certain something.  It brings with it storage difficulties though.



All makers have storage issues to a greater or lesser extent and there just doesn’t seem to be the perfect solution especially if you are badly short of space.

neat and tidy

neat and tidy

I just couldn’t resist these two lovely wine cases that I found at a car boot sale (where else??) recently. They are a very good and attractive storage solution for my appliqué scraps that have been, until now, either escaping the confines of a shallow sided basket or in a deep hessian bag which makes getting at all of them a bit of a challenge.

neatly stored away

neatly stored away

These little beauties will sit under my sewing desk where the bags used to reside and I am happy that they are an attractive and tidy solution.

I have separated the patterns from the plains to make it even easier and I am quite pleased with the results.



I look back over the few months since I set up my work space in here and it has really changed. I’d like to think it is becoming more interesting but I’m fearful that it is just getting cluttered!

Let’s not think about that, got to get on with the making bits now!

4 thoughts on “storage solutions

  1. I invested in some Really Useful Boxes just before Christmas. They were pricey but I think worth it. It’s good to feel organized 🙂 Your wine cases are a great idea….recycling too 🙂

  2. I wish my workroom was so organised, it doubles as my home-office, well really quadruples I suppose as it is my sewing/craft room, I work on two businesses from home and it is where all our personal affairs are coordinated. Thank goodness for electronic storage… it is helping to reduce the space required for paperwork. I must try to review how I am using it, see if I can improve its appearance.

    • Hi Happy

      Thank you, the organisation doesn’t seem to last long, though.

      We are the same, I work from home part of the week so I have to have my ‘office’, my personal stuff, my sewing and making AND my hubby’s work space in there as he also works from home.

      Try as we might, however, we still seem to have a lot of paper files (hidden away thank goodness) and only the pretty things out to be seen.


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