Mum’s Making Marathon

grey self patterned scarf

grey self patterned scarf

I love all things making but my mum loves knitting best of all of the crafts and she is very much faster at it than I am.

self pattern repeat

self pattern repeat

While I have been too busy to even think about picking up a needle, mum’s needles have been clacking away like the clappers and I recently took delivery of some of her hard work.

She told me that she has lots of odds of wool so we talked about the best way to use them up and she has spent hours doing just that and here are her efforts.

bright striped blanket

bright striped blanket

I love this bright and fun striped baby blanket.

pinks and purples

pinks and purples

The gorgeous grey scarf is a try out to see what we think of the pattern, size and effect.  Although I absolutely love it, I think it can be improved so we have decided to make it twice as wide so it is more like a shawl. That will be in mum’s next batch of knits I hope.

peach and pastels

peach and pastels

She has made some more of the ever popular hot water bottle covers for me and she has also turned her hand to some baby aranwear for the coming winter.

I think baby knits are her all time favourite and I should get her to show me her prize winning fine knits that she did when we were kids and I hope she still has.  I have plans for some items for little people when I find the right pattern and wool so I hope she still likes baby knits.

This little blue number is so cute

little blue shawl collared aran coat

little blue shawl collared aran coat

I am always so grateful that she gives up so much of her time to my knitting ideas. She knows I would struggle to see them to fruition without her help.

little boy's aran jacket

little boy’s aran jacket

Mum was key to my love of knitting, sewing and crochetting and it is always one thing in life that we will share a passion for.  She encouraged and helped me all the time when I was younger and it amazes me that she is still helping me now.

little boy's aran sweater

little boy’s aran sweater

You gotta love a making mum, eh???

11 thoughts on “Mum’s Making Marathon

  1. Your Mother has been very busy! The aran knits are really beautiful. My Granny used to knit aran jumpers to sell in shops and occasionally we would get one as a present…I still remember how heavy they were.

    • Thank you. She loves doing them (especially if they are small).

      I survived my student digs in an aran sweater that my mum knit for me and I was going through some old photos recently only to find a photo of me in the very sweater on a freezing foundation trip to see Amsterdam!!

      Unfortunately later in it’s life my lovely aran was ruined by a landlady who thought she was helping by washing it in her machine and drying it on the radiator! Boo hoo!!

  2. It is lovely to have a Mum around to make lovely things 🙂 My Mum has been getting really frustrated with her memory loss lately (she is 82). My sister suggested she pick up knitting again as she was always knitting when we were kids. Within a few days, she’d knit a sock monkey for her Great granddaughter. It just goes to show what a great therapy knitting is!

    • It’s lovely isn’t it and so true about the memory therapy. I read somewhere once that knitting, sewing, crochetting etc etc all those things that we love will help keep our brains busy and in good order. AT 82 your lovely mum is bound to forget some stuff but I’m sure the knitting will help.


  3. It definitely helps but now she is claiming that her eyesight isn’t good enough for her to sew the knitting up. How convenient! That’s my least favourite part of knitting too 🙂 Maybe I should point her in the direction of a scarf like your beautiful self patterned scarf. Ha!

  4. That grey scarf looks familiar! Lovely stuff though – and yes it’s really nice to share a crafty passion with your mum. Have you seen ? Something about the colours on the second blanket reminded me of some of their recent scarves & cowls. Love the Aran pieces too. I’ve still yet to tackle cables…

    • Thank you.

      Yes I know purlbee. Her stuff is so gorgeous, stylish and beautifully photographed. I know the scarf that has the colours that the blanket reminds you of and it is lovely.

      I wish my mum would use the internet though, it would make it a lot easier to get her to understand what I’m trying to achieve or the colours I mean if she would get onto pinterest or sites like purl bee. Never mind, we can’t have it all can we? I love that she is happy to help me out

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