Burger Bear Birthday

burger bear

burger bear

I took an order recently for two of my crochet burger bears. They are for 14th of december birthdays and will be posted to Emily this week.

It has reminded me to get busy making some of the ones that I know Tom Reaney (THE Burger Bear) wants for his customers.

I’d like to think that these little fellas have developed since the earlier attempts and certainly since I made up the pattern. I think we are there now this is THE ONE.

cheesy poncho

cheesy poncho

I love the size and proportions of this one and I especially like his little face.

I love the cheesy poncho he wears

lettuce ruffle

lettuce ruffle

and his fancy lettuce ruffle

burger bear twins ready to post to Emily

burger bear twins ready to post to Emily

I also love the way that I they come together when they are being made, just like a real burger……

bun, burger, cheese.....

bun, burger, cheese…..

Bun. burger, cheese, lettuce and tomato before you put the lid on!!



I will add other colours on some as Tom has requested and we know that the cheeses used can be different types so the colour combos can vary.

In the meantime Burger Bear very sadly missed at Haringey Market but hopefully we will see him soon and i can hand him his next collection of Burger Bears.


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