sewing machine cover

my singer

my singer


My lovely vintage machine is never put away now that I am lucky enough to have a dedicated sewing space so it gets dust and the lint build up that you already get from sewing is worse for being out in the open all the time.


hemming the cover

hemming the cover


It’s original storage case is a big old rigid thing that is stored away out of sight and out of mind as it is more about transporting the machine rather than protecting it between uses.




top stitching

top stitching


I scrabbled through my stash of fabrics to find something pretty but understated that would make a nice sewing machine cover. I don’t want to draw attention to the machine in the small room that I use for sewing, I want it to disappear a little.


This vintage Arthur Sanderson furnishing fabric has a very gentle yellow and turquoise floral print that I really like.


finished and fitted

finished and fitted


The measuring is easy as it is overall a rectangular shape that needs covering and although there are features that mean it is not an actual rectangle, a good fitting one would be perfect.


fitted straight after being made

fitted straight after being made

It is generally 45 x 35 x 25cm and could not have been easier to make.



10 thoughts on “sewing machine cover

    • You will love the machine. I have seen spare cases available on eBay but it is rigid and takes up a lot of space.

      Good luck making the cover for your lovely new machine!!


  1. Hi C, well my 320k has arrived, its beautiful..a few paint chips, rust on the metal bar and a bit dusty and grubby but seems in working order…not perfect condition but good considering it was made 15 august 1960 !, the foot pedal is not original and has a funny adaptor where cords come out both ways and seems very you know how to overcome this ? yours looks like one cord only ? also can you give me tips on how to get it cleaned up and shiny…and did you get your serviced and roughly how much did it cost, mine seems to be running fine but iv been unable to get a stitch as the bobbin needs adjusting and possibly it needs a proper needle too..I feel this may be a never ending search for perfection…im already looking at more !! I hope to get mine organised to have such a nice work space, it is so pleasing to look at, just wish I had the wooden bed…if you see one let me know 🙂 K

    • Hi K

      How exciting!!

      In answer to your questions:-

      The foot on mine has one chord but 2 connections on the feed into the machine (one to the foot and one to the power) and the foot is the same colour as the machine. I have seen them on sale on ebay if you wanted to consider replacing it.

      To clean it and get it shiny, I use singer sewing machine oil or WD40 but you need to make sure that you get all the surplus off. There will be better tips than that on some of the forums though, I think.

      I serviced it myself by following the basic instructions in the manual but the following site is invaluable for tips -

      A service should be about £25-45 depending on where you are. I use the Camden Sewing Machine Centre (Chapman’s) who recently did my featherweight for me and checked a foot pedal that I thought was causing me problems. they charged me for the machine service but found nothing wrong with the pedal but their time was not charged for checking it.

      I would advise that you buy all your needles here –×13 as the wrong needle can ruin your stitching and makes the machine jump stitches too.

      Check comments on the original post as Jim and other contributors have some great suggestions –

      If you need a new bobbin try these guys-

      I hope that helps and I hope you get sorted soon. Good luck with your searches for the bits and bobs to go with it. It will bring you a lot of joy when you get going.


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