Busy Weekend

I like planning but there’s a maverick in me that loves a bit of freestyle.

This weekend was supposed to be a chillaxing, much needed rest (apart from late night football games!) and in typical fashion it has been none of those.

I think I’ve washed everything that can possibly be washed and dried it all in the sun (ooh that fresh air smell, you can’t beat it!).

I’ve made more skincare (which I will post about another time), I’ve replaced a zip in a favourite pair of shorts, I’ve mooched around a giant car boot sale (disappointing, but I do have another few meters of fabric than I did before I went, cooked, weeded & finally got down to working on Bertie’s blanket. (Another one for a different post).

So, the zip……


JC's favourite shorts

JC’s favourite shorts

The zip replacement was quite a challenge but it went well. Getting the broken zip out involves dismantling the front of the shorts. Fitting a zip from scratch is by far and away easier.

Scary and tentative first snips

Scary and tentative first snips

As a much loved and much worn pair of shorts, they had acquired a few of those unironable creases, and random folds that make working with them pretty tricks.

Checking the detail

Checking the detail

Nonetheless, said shorts have been nervously disassembled. It’s a little like taking a bike apart, you don’t want a load of  spare but crucial bits left over at the end so it’s worth checking all the details.

Freeing the bottom of the zip

Freeing the bottom of the zip

They now have a new zip (from a stash Of varying sorts that have of salvaged, are unused or I acquired) that matches the contrasting waste band.

They are also whole again, with no bits spare.


A bit of tidying up to get rid of the bits of thread and they’re ready to go  (& they’ve been washed!).

The finished zip

The finished zip



4 thoughts on “Busy Weekend

  1. Is there anything that you do not attempt. By the way your photography is amazing! Don’t know how you find the time to do it all.

    • Thanks Jay

      I was very happy with the result which was made all the better as my husband was delighted to have his favourite shorts back in his wardrobe


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