Dear Declan

letter 'D'

letter ‘D’

One of my most loyal bunting customers, Catherine, contacted me recently to let me know that a friend would be needing some bunting pretty quickly.

Letter 'E'

letter ‘E’

Although the order for the friend went elsewhere in the end, it was lovely to hear from Catherine again.

letter 'A'

letter ‘A’

It was especially lovely because it came with the news that she has a new ‘little man’ in her household. .

Letter 'N'

Letter ‘N’

Baby Declan has arrived to join brother Ronan.

letter 'L'

letter ‘L’

As a token of thanks for all her support, I have made some bunting for Declan.

finished bunting

finished bunting

It is all parcelled up and ready for posting to it’s happy destination in Dublin.



My little Moo stickers came in handy to fasten the tissue paper and this turquoise and blue ribbon is rather cute.

moo tinyinc stickers

moo tinyinc stickers

I hope to hear from Catherine again when she receives her parcel and perhaps again if the family numbers increase or those of her friends do.

parcelled up and ready to go

parcelled up and ready to go

If there is more bunting required to travel over the Irish Sea to Dublin, I will be very happy.

congratulations tag

congratulations tag

4 thoughts on “Dear Declan

  1. that’s a lovely bunting Cheryl, your stitches are so neat! I haven’t done any sewing for ages and I am really missing it, but soon, building work nearly over x

    • Thanks Linda

      Just about to finish some more (I love doing it!!).

      I bet you have really missed your sewing! I do when work is busy and I don’t get time.

      Your Pay it Forward should be with you this week!!


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