Pay it Forward

sue chef

sue chef

Pay it Forward is a lovely but random act if quite unexpected kindness.

I love the idea of  random acts of kindness, it is a faith restorer and although the recipient benefits, there is a huge to the giver by the simple act of giving.

the finished apron

the finished apron

It can be an anonymous act – something like paying for a coffee for the next customer.

It can be a truly kind act – such as giving a homeless person a scarf when it is freezing cold and their need is greater than yours.

It can be a thoughtful act that will just make someone’s day that bit easier – like putting more money in their parking meter so they don’t get a ticket.

It can be an unexpected gift – of something someone you love needs or desires.

tool loops

tool loops

The truth is that it can be anything you want it to be

None of them is a costly act and will leave you feeling good knowing someone else feels better today.

Who knows it might just make enough of a difference to change someone’s life.

tool loops

tool loops

There is a small ‘pay it forward’ movement on Facebook where you make your statement about wanting to do something nice and offer a surprise act of kindness to the first 5 who say they are in.

The deal, of course, is that they do the same with 5 people who respond to their offer and so on.

The last of my five arrived in New Zealand recently.

'To Kill a Mockingbird"

‘To Kill a Mockingbird”

Sue has been showing off some of her culinary skills on FB recently so  an apron seemed a good idea.

The ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ I sent her was my copy from school but much more random than the apron although I know that she hasn’t read it.

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