Doggy Decor

chinese crested silhouette

My friend V was invited to look around the Dog Photographer of The Year Exhibition at the Kennel Club in Mayfair and I was lucky enough to be allowed to tag along.



It is a fabulous place and the exhibition was inspiring but it was made all the more special as we were shown around by one of their gallery residents, Paul. He is a fantastically charming and interesting man with a vast knowledge of the artwork in the gallery, The Kennel Club’s history and also of the artwork in the vast archives.

cute crested

He took us to meet the organiser of the exhibition, and he kindly introduced us to the librarian who shared a look at some of her favourite books from the Club’s fascinating collection.

fluffy tail

It was a rare treat on a Monday afternoon that I would be more than keen to repeat.

cushion decoration

I know that V despatched an appropriately appreciative thank you card straight after our afternoon of delight but having met Paul’s gorgeous little Chinese Crested Terrier, Loui, I thought he might like something that showed off his little pooches fabulous head of hair.


Loui is a rescue dog having been injured quite badly with knife cuts in his original home.  I know that the circumstances surrounding his injuries are not as straight forward as they might sound and he has stormed the damage well. There are no signs of his early traumas at all and he is a disarmingly cute and very, very affectionate.

I completely fell for him!



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