House Warming


Our lovely friends Caroline and Nat have moved away from North London to live by the coast in Hove with their little boy, Drew and Labrador, Bosley.



It’s been a few months already and I feel really bad that their house warming present has taken this long to be sent.

Big Bad Bosley

                                                                   Big Bad Bosley

After making a terrier cushion for ourselves and a couple of Daschund presents for other people, I decided that a labrador cushion in the likeness of Bosley would be a well received present. Drew and Bosley are firm friends (as are Max and Bosley) and Bosley is a very important and well loved member of their family.



We have had Bosley staying with us at times when his family have had holidays or couldn’t take him with them and he is a very lovely boy. He is our favourite king of house guest.

Max and Bosley

                                                                          Max and Bosley

We miss him as much as we miss Caroline, Nat and Drew.


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