a little about me

IMG_3391tinyinc is a table top business based in north london & lincolnshire. It’s organised and run by me, cheryl. I make in my spare time, filling every spare minute.

Everything I make is made using recycled fabrics and mostly vintage.  Because I only use upcycled fabrics, everything is completely unique and I love the idea of the complete individuality these wonderful fabrics give my creations.

tinyinc has been featured in craft uk 100 blogs & UK handmade and published in ‘yarn forward’ magazine in february 2011 issue 35.

with a little help from my wonderful husband, my family and friends along the way,  tinyinc would like to complete the transition from table top to a full time business.

If you don’t see what you want or I have already sold it, please contact me or keep looking. I am constantly making and adding new things, so there is lots to chose from.

10 thoughts on “a little about me

    • Wow thank you!! That is amazing.

      I will take some time over the weekend to pass it on as I think bloggers love to know that someone (even just one person!) likes what they do!


  1. Can you make for me two sets of Director’s chair seat and back pieces from the material shown in the picture titled “climing canvas” (no substitutes) and ship them to San Jose California?

    • Hi Gregory

      Thanks for the comment.

      I’ve emailed asking for some details but yes, I can make what you’ve asked for.

      Hope to hear from you again soon.

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