Vintage Apron

ready to wear

ready to wear

All the aprons I make are generally long bib aprons with decorative appliqué.

wide pocket

wide pocket

I have just finished a short waist apron in vintage floral fabric that is decorated with yellow velvet ribbon and I rather like it. It is something I will make again.

pocket trim

pocket trim

It is roughly based on a very old apron that my gran used to use (I think it was hers – it has certainly been around a while) which is very thread bear and much the worse for it’s years of service.

waist band trim

waist band trim

The pocket detail is full width and divided to hold cloths, tools and anything else you need when wearing it, be that in the kitchen or elsewhere.

tie at waist

tie at waist

I love this fabric. I picked it up a few months ago and I have already used for a different apron but I have been waiting for an excuse to use this lovely yellow velvet ribbon for an age and this was it.



Pay it Forward

sue chef

sue chef

Pay it Forward is a lovely but random act if quite unexpected kindness.

I love the idea of  random acts of kindness, it is a faith restorer and although the recipient benefits, there is a huge to the giver by the simple act of giving.

the finished apron

the finished apron

It can be an anonymous act – something like paying for a coffee for the next customer.

It can be a truly kind act – such as giving a homeless person a scarf when it is freezing cold and their need is greater than yours.

It can be a thoughtful act that will just make someone’s day that bit easier – like putting more money in their parking meter so they don’t get a ticket.

It can be an unexpected gift – of something someone you love needs or desires.

tool loops

tool loops

The truth is that it can be anything you want it to be

None of them is a costly act and will leave you feeling good knowing someone else feels better today.

Who knows it might just make enough of a difference to change someone’s life.

tool loops

tool loops

There is a small ‘pay it forward’ movement on Facebook where you make your statement about wanting to do something nice and offer a surprise act of kindness to the first 5 who say they are in.

The deal, of course, is that they do the same with 5 people who respond to their offer and so on.

The last of my five arrived in New Zealand recently.

'To Kill a Mockingbird"

‘To Kill a Mockingbird”

Sue has been showing off some of her culinary skills on FB recently so  an apron seemed a good idea.

The ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ I sent her was my copy from school but much more random than the apron although I know that she hasn’t read it.

kate’s kitchen and st george

kate’s kitchen apron

The girls in my close group all live close to each other and we fondly refer to ourselves as ‘the coven’ and our get togethers are referred to as ‘stitch and bitch’ and although we don’t get together anywhere near as often as we’d all like, when we do, it is always lovely and I miss them in between times.

None of us go mad on presents for each other but we do make a small gesture and it is usually done with a lot of thought.  I have had some wonderful gifts from my dear friends and love finding something for them when the time comes.

Kate’s home has a tinyinc tea cosy and her girls have bunting and millie had a tooth fairy cushion until recently when Jess also started losing her gnashers but Kate doesn’t have anything herself.

Kate, likes to rustle up a themed birthday cake or two when events dictate. We’ve seen Barbie in a ball gown, boobs in a bodice (only just held in!) and a variety of other sponge and icing delights.

It was Kate’s own birthday on Monday (St George’s Day) and since I certainly wouldn’t have impressed with my baking skills had I chosen to make a cake as a birthday gift for her, I did spend a bit of time putting together an apron for her cake making instead.

letter details

Kate is getting a new kitchen fitted over the summer so will be baking on new worktops, in a new oven and now she will also be baking in a new apron.

letter details

cup cakes in the kitchen

cup cake apron

I have a huge list of slogans waiting to go onto aprons, some will be for friends specifically like pearl barley or didster’s diner, some are more for the boys in the kitchen but there are some for those cute little helpers.

Everyone likes a cup cake and I’m sure it is used as a term of endearment in households across the country for many little people.

cup cake kids apron

This cute little apron is for sale on my tinyinc folksy shop.


Pearl Barley

pearl barley

I have mentioned my friend V a number of times and her alter ego in the culinary world is Pearl Barley.

Any invitation to eat with her is grabbed with dribbling enthusiasm because it is never disappointing and invariably a wonderful food experience (although I hated having to turn down a very kind invitation to sunday lunch today due to other commitments – aaaaagggggh!!).

Add to the gorgeous food, a convivial environment, good friends and a bit of wine, and it is guaranteed to be a good event.

We seem to have enjoyed Vicki’s efforts much more than she has enjoyed ours of late and by way of a small thank you, I thought it was about time Pearl Barley had her own apron.

So here we are.

I know she will use it, a more appreciative recipient for a gift, you will never meet.

personalised pinnies

One of our friends has been known to be quite rude about my makes (though I suspect he doesn’t really mean it) and refers to them as ‘tinyinc tatt’.

As a result, I have made it my singular mission to furnish him with as many pieces as possible.  He already has an apron at home that was his October birthday present, but this one is for his culinary efforts at work.

I cook 4 sex

Most fridays, he gets his barbecue tools out and rustles up lovely tasty burgers for all the staff.  There are about 70 people that he employs, but not all can be around for the delights that come from his test kitchen (fondly referred to as Didster’s Diner).  Everyone you can make it, however, makes a small contribution and the proceeds go to a local charity which I think it is great.

Didster's Diner

I imagine he has ruined a few nice shirts in the pursuit of the perfect burger so I would like to think that it not only does his new apron adds to the theme of his kitchen but also to his burgeoning collection of tinyinc makes and will also save his nice shirts from the recycling a few wears longer.

the toon

As an avid supporter of ‘the Toon’ the decor in his american style diner and kitchen is black and white. In keeping with the theme, his new apron is black and white stripes with the blue letters of Newcastle United’s logo.

I’m hoping that it will get some use on Friday this week as I am in the office but he has taken my husband and another of his mates on a ‘business’ trip skiing so I think I will have to stay hungry for a week longer.

I cook, therefore I am

a philosophy student

I have been commission to produce 5 aprons for 5 of the men in the life of one of my oldest friends, Debbie.

chef's apron

5 aprons for 5 men who are all different, all have different rolls in Debbie’s life but they all cook.

one is her husband, one is a philosophy student, one is a surfer and one works on the railways but only one of them is an actual chef and that is her son Liam. Obviously he gets ‘head chef’.

for hubby

When picking the colours I took into consideration that 2 of them are Charlton Athletic fans.

When picking the slogan, some are easy like Liam’s ‘head chef’, and the philosophy and english student’s ‘I cook therefore I am’. Clive is a Charlton fan and it tickled Debbie to have ‘I cook for sex’ as he is her husband. The surfer gets ‘I cooks for thrills’ but the hardest one and certainly the longest is ‘don’t trust a skinny cook’. It nearly didn’t fit on the apron at all.

surfer's apron

Debbie is very pleased with them and handing them over was a good excuse to get together for the first time in a while.

Merry Christmas boys and happy cooking. I hope that means the ladies get to put their feet up!!

the farmer’s wife

The farmer and his wife are endlessly generous with us, both in terms of the unlimited access they give us to the farm acreage but also in terms of their hospitality.  We have enjoyed endless shoots, shoot dinners and barbeques there not to mention the hours of entertainment we get walking, fishing and collecting wood.

It always feels appropriate to give thanks for this huge generosity and whether that comes in the form of jam (made from their fruit!), wine or any other kind of thank you gift.

Never one to overlook a comment or a signal for a well thought out present, the farmer’s wife once mentioned that she seems to do all the cooking and although her darling husband has tried to cook, thankfully, he kisses better than his attempts in the kitchen.

The plan to provide a slightly tongue in cheek cooking apron to illustrate this statement could not be passed.

So here it is, and I have delivered it this weekend, just in time for valentines!!!!

food and cooking

pretty apron

pretty apron

My niece would like become a chef or work with food in some way.   She’s very good and always wants to help when it comes to cooking or baking.  She even cooks once a week for her hard working mummy.  She’s only 10.

These interests definitely need to be encouraged though I think that the food industry is very, very hard work.  She’s a pretty bright little thing, she also draws very well, loves making things and is very musical.   One of the things that she should combine with her cooking is writing.  She writes wonderful essays for her age. It could make for a great combination.

The difficult decisions about school are being made at the moment and she isn’t enjoying it much.  She is likely to go somewhere different to a lot of her friends and isn’t keen on the change.

It’s getting her down a bit so I decided to make her something to cheer her up and encourage her a little.

flower detail

flower detail

She has things at our house for when she comes to stay like her own towel, a toothbrush; the usual. She also has her own apron as we have been known to make biscuits or cakes when she’s here and she loves helping with supper. Continue reading