samuel savigar

wrapped and ready to be delivered

wrapped and ready to be delivered

My work colleague and his wife have just added another to their number and he is called Samuel.

Samuel Jacob Savigar

Samuel Jacob Savigar

He joins their lovely little family along side Ellie and George.


green for samuel

I was commissioned to do his cushion so that he has one the same as his older siblings and to go with his freshly decorated green & white bedroom.

stork delivery

stork delivery

Ellie’s cushion and bunting was a gift from me but George’s and Samuel’s were special requests.

cradled baby

cradled baby

My next job is to get bunting made for little Samuel as a gift from us. His sister and brother already have some so he needs to be the same.

tag and fastening

tag and fastening

Hopefully they will all be delivered next week.

By George!!

george joseph

Another of my work friend’s has just had a baby boy (or rather his lovely wife has!).

george’s cushion

Little George was born on Tuesday the 5th June.


He’s not really so little as he weighed in at 10lb 7oz but sounds like a very chilled out and sweet little man.

gift wrapped

He has a big sister, Ellie, who is just 2 years older than him also has a cushion like this so they have the same each.

tinyinc gift tag

His parcel has arrived just  week after he did himself.

Welcome little George!!

a new tinyinc baby gift

My proper job colleague Stuart and his wife Emma have just had a baby and everyone is very excited.

It is a little girl and she is called Ellie.

One of My friends Anna knows the couple, and I was chatting to her before Ellie was born and Anna had a feeling that they were going to have a little girl.

With huge amounts of confidence in Anna’s instincts, off I went to make a cushion for a nursing chair that was coloured in pinks to suit a little girl.  I just had to hope the cushion matched the arrival.

Of course Anna, right on the money…..

I’ve made baby cushions before but I like the simplicity of the stork and baby image.  I hope Emma, Stuart and Ellie like it.

I have made another one in lemon and also blue.

As always, with all my finished makes, it has inspired me and I now have all kinds of images in my head for other baby cushions.