Baby Walton is here


Joseph Thomas Walton born 05.04.15 at 8lb 7oz.


He is the first of many boys in our family not to be born in March although he was due on 25.03.15. I think the little chap got quite comfy in there and nodded off.


He is a little brother to Ella and a great nephew to me.


His dad Gareth & mum Natalie have just finished decorating his nursery in their new home which will be filling up with lovely presents for him as we speak.


It’ll be interesting to see what his big sis thinks of him now he has finally arrived. She was very much looking forward to his arrival but I suspect that sharing mum & dad won’t quite have the appeal she thought.


We will visit in a few weeks when things have calmed down and the exhausting flow of well wishers of the first few days has ebbed away.


It’s very exciting and since it has corresponded with me finally finishing the Jungle Chums blanket, it seems a fitting welcome present. I popped it in the post with a few cuddly jungle toys to adorn his newly ready nursery room and hope he enjoys it.



bunting for samuel

samuel bunting

samuel bunting

In order to keep the small savigars in the family all the same, I have just posted off bunting for little samuel.

hand applique letters

hand applique letters

It has some of the green to match his nursery decor but lots of other colours so that it will go with many different things and colour schemes as he grows up.

A flag

‘A’ flag

Bunting is one of my favourite makes. I think it is so jolly.

'E' flag

‘E’ flag