Camo Christmas

Henry all kitted and saluting

Henry all kitted and saluting

JC’s godson and his brother are some of our favourite people to buy for at Christmas. They are 8 & 5 and still at the age where us big kids can indulge ourselves and buy them stuff we would really have liked as kids.

Henry is still into machinery, be it tractors or JCBs, William is very much into his ball sports and loves the beautiful game (but he is an ace with a rugby ball!!).

I have to confess to always being on the look out for little things to take along for them when we see them and also ideas for their birthdays and Christmas.

William decided that a kitkat was a good thing to at the bottom of his HUGE kit bag

William decided that a kitkat was a good thing to at the bottom of his HUGE kit bag

Whichever little man’s birthday it is, the other gets a non-birthday present so they both have some fun stuff, there is no fighting and everyone gets to enjoy the event equally.

The challenge for birthdays and christmas if getting hard though. They are getting bigger and they are no longer impressed by silly bits of plastic (or cardboard boxes!!!).



I like to put a bit of thought into what they get and I also like to have made some of it.

This year, we have gone camotastic, camo overalls, camo wells (who knew!!!!), camo walkie talkies, camo helmets (they have webbing like the real ones), dog tags engraved especially for them and a big camo kit bag to put them all in.

Henry to Control, come in

Henry to Control, come in

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the shopping and I have made the kit bags myself for all the camo things to go in (individually wrapped inside the kit bag that is also wrapped – evil present wrapping).

What do you think?

William was despatched to the end of the garden to see how far the walkie talkie's reached

William was despatched to the end of the garden to see how far the walkie talkie’s reached

I’d have loved this little lot as a kid!!

big green monster trucks

a group of us were invited to stay with friends at the weekend and the venue happened to be an RAF base.

our host has rather an important job at this wonderful base and also has access to a number of fantastic bits of kit.

imagine our delight the day after a fantastically fun evening of games and catching up with old friends, when we were invited to take a spin in a very large, very green RAF lorry.

38 ft long with 5 wheels down each side, an enormous fuel tank for filling helicopters and the ability to do off-road like nothing you’ve ever seen in your life! this was a chance in a lifetime, and us girls weren’t about to allow just the boys to have a go; so each of us sat at the wheel and took it for a ‘spin’.  it was very exciting and soooo much fun.

our instructor had very kindly given up his free time on a sunday morning to entertain us and he did it with good grace, great humour and a very winning smile.

there is nothing smarter than a man in uniform!

we also got to admire some of the other bits of kit that are essential to their maneuvers and it is like the line up from a boys ‘best toy box ever’ but in full size!!  Everything is armoured, green (which I happen to like very much) and has lots of interesting bits added (that I couldn’t even begin to guess what they might be for).  marvellous stuff.

I am filled with admiration for anyone brave enough to join the forces, be it my cousin’s eldest son, my grandad or all those boys fighting overseas.

my cousin’s son is in afghanistan again, my grandad was 19 years old and a regular soldier at the outbreak of world war II: he came home a dunkirk veteran and we are all very proud of both of them.

our host has done his bit too and the memorabilia around his home, not to mention his long line of medals, is testament to his service and gives a small insight into what he has experienced during his 29 years in the RAF.

as an outsider to this incredible ‘club’ of brave men, you cannot fail to be impressed and filled with admiration.  It is heartening to know that we are protected by these wonderful people and this wonderful kit.