Weekend Workspace


I have long hankered for an out-of-the-way sewing space where we spend some of our weekends.

I now have a wonderful sewing space in our spare bedroom in London and it has spoiled me somewhat.

getting a little nourishment

getting a little nourishment

Our weekend dining table is pretty useful and it is right in the heart of what goes on in the house but it all has to be put away again at the end. It kinda puts you off a bit and I definitely do less at weekends when we are away than when we have weekends in London.

I have a spare sewing machine for here (well, I have a couple as it goes but I don’t say that out too loud in case JC is listening), I have sewing baskets and accessories that I have been given, found, inherited, car boot bought or had already so I’m set up in that respect.

The spare bedroom is out of bounds because we have people staying here loads and need it to be ready all the time.

set up in the alcove

set up in the alcove

But we do have little box room/bedroom (which is really only a glorified cupboard) that has become a dumping ground and somewhere for JC’s drum kit but it has 2 windows and gets lots of light so it is just about perfect.

I’ve had my eyes open for a little table to sit into the alcove in this room so that I could set up a tiny tucked away space. If I’m clever and don’t allow my workspace to spread, there will still be space to put up a single stow away bed for any extra bodies that might be staying at any given time.

In my search for a table, I have taken to dropping into a super little antique shop on Albert St in Spalding. (I think it is called The Attic) and is run by a very jovial chap called Jeff.  At my last visit, and on the back of a casual conversation about needing a small table has sorted it out; Jeff had the very thing on his van, just collected that morning and needing some attention.

my little Singer 221K set up and ready to use

my little Singer 221K set up and ready to use

It was cold having been in an unoccupied house so needed bringing up to temperature. It also needed cleaning and nourishing to bring out it’s best qualities. It has an all important drawer and was incredibly inexpensive.

It is now sugar soaped, waxed and in place. I haven’t managed to use it yet as my machine now needs some repairs but it is there and ready.

one of my mum's sewing tins

one of my mum’s sewing tins – I love it

I have plans for shelves above so watch this space.

a tisket a tasket a traditional shopping basket

my shopping basket

I have a lovely traditional shopping basket that I like to use when I go to the butcher in the village.

It wasn’t always mine but it is in good condition. It has an original elasticated fabric cover that I absolutely hate so I decided to make a new one.

original basket cover

The original one has lots of raggedy edges and some questionable sewing skills so I suspect it was quite mass produced for very little cost.  The colours and the pattern are just not me at all.

my shopping basket alongside some of my other baskets

So I hunted through my growing piles of vintage fabrics to find the right colour and pattern for the job. I found pair of sweet pale grey blue curtains when I went searching that were just perfect to give this lovely little basket a nice coat.

And here it is. I’m very pleased with it and I think the pattern and colour are perfect for such a lovely thing.

new cover on my favourite shopping basket

It would appear that I have a weakness for baskets and have a couple more that I think could also benefit from a cover each.  We’ll see.

an autumn baby

My nephew Gareth and his girlfriend Natalie have just had a little girl.  She is called Ella and was weighed in at alb 15oz yesterday at 5.45pm

Since they found out the baby was to be a girl from the 20 week scan, I’ve been busy buying bits and bobs to help them out but also thinking of what I should make.

They had already chosen her name so it was easy to start with some bunting that spelled Ella for her nursery.

She isn’t the first Great, Great Grandchild to be named after my gran who was an Ella. My cousin’s son also has  a little girl called Ella.

Gareth was very close to both my gran and my grandad, Taffy and has recently started to show an interest in the family tree research I did some years ago. I’m sure it has something to do with becoming a dad.

I’m very excited for them and can’t wait to meet the little treasure.

girl’s bunting

jessica's bunting

What with easter, royal weddings and unseasonally gorgeous weather, bunting is my new favourite thing to make so Henry, William, Millie and Jessica will be benefitting form my industry when I see them next.

The girls are easy, it is either pink or floral or something along those lines.

The boys are different.  If it isn’t a truck or a dinosaur, it’s no good!! I hope William and Henry don’t notice that there are some tiny flowers on the boys bunting!  I could be in trouble!

henry's bunting

Bunting is so much fun and nice to make, a bit of sewing, a bit of applique and a cute little person’s name.

I would have loved something like this in my room as a little girl.  It reminds me of silver jubilees, golden jubilees and all the fun of childhood although we didn’t have any at home, it was always flying for special events like street parties and carnivals etc.

Does anyone have village carnivals anymore?  I hope so, they we just the best fun!!

a living rustic jump

Last year the farm asked us to lay a hedge for ‘the hunt’ to jump when they are invited to ride here twice a year.

With no more knowledge of how to do this than what had been gleaned from the internet, we gave it our best.

We know that the jump has been used and enjoyed over the winter.  One of the huntsmen, Philip enjoyed it particularly because it drops on one side. Depending on your approach, it can be a challenge for the stead and jockey alike.

We were never sure if it would work when we did the laying in september last year. It is only evident now that it has been a success and we are very pleased with it.  It benefits from the slope on one side that philip enjoyed so much and it has a high crest in the middle.  This is tempered with a delicate low section to the right for the less brave members that join the hunt and a middle ground to the right side for those who can’t quite make up their minds.

We will be tasked to do this again in the autumn when the next spot has been identified and another jump would make a day out a bit more interesting so we are hoping for a less mature hedge this time to refine our new found skills.

Easter Bunting

As Easter approaches, there is a handful of little people who might be expecting and easter egg from us.

Jessica is coming to stay with her mum and dad for the lovely long easter weekend.

I have no doubt that there will be plenty of eggs in the chocolate form that come her way but our gift to her is some bunting for her room.

It spells her name and starts and finishes with a flower motif.

Her absolute favourite colour is yellow but I know she wears pink all the time.

I hope she likes the pink and it goes with her room decor.

We haven’t seen her or her mum and dad for ages and we are really looking forward to it.

I’ve done some others too but they aren’t quite finished yet.

a new puppy

My lovely friend ‘V’ and her family have recently experienced the heart breaking loss of both of their beloved little dogs Kinny & Diesel.

‘V’ was lucky enough to have Kinny for about 16 years and Diesel for about 12. I know Diesel was a battersea rescue and if my facts are correct; Kinny was bought from a market stall holder who happened to have pups of the type that ‘V’ wanted.  They have lived their long lives happily and with lots of love.  Both very special in their individual ways.

Their loss has left a huge gap in a very loving but busy household.

Kinny’s loss was first and it seemed too great, leaving such a raw wound that I wasn’t sure if another dog could join this lovely household.

Imagine my delight when, all checks passed and papers signed, ‘V’ sent me a text from the car to say that she was nursing a puppy on their way home.

Agnes is GORGEOUS!!


Diesel has also been lost to them since Agnes arrived and she will undoubtedly miss him as they used to curl up and snuggle together for a snooze but she is young and will recover from his departure a lot sooner than the humans will.

She is also a rescue dog so they had lots in common.  She is adorable to look at and full of character.  It is hard to believe that she was ever unwanted.

Her arrival was a few weeks ago now and she is a huge character with lots of cute expressions and fun qualities.  I suspect she may be a little tinker at times too but how can you resist such and expressive little thing?

Lucky little pooch is already very well loved and a huge part of the family.  Welcome little lady.

a beefy italian


romano's tomatoes


When I walk my little dog every morning, there is a lovely old italian chap who brings his working pointer in for a bit of excercise and we almost always walk together and chat.

here's hoping


He is charming and always makes me laugh. He shoots, has a garden, an allotment and cooks all the time.  He is in fact a retired chef.  We always have long chats about food and what we were doing at the weekend and he has lead an incredibly interesting life.

Last year he gave me the most enormous italian beef tomato to dry for seeds to plant this year.  It was an italian beef variety that came from his home in italy where his mama still lives.

sliced beef tomatoes

I wasn’t very hopeful after drying them as they looked a but mouldy but I thought I’d chance it.  I planted them in old baked bean tins a few weeks ago and they are starting to sprout.  I am hopeful that they will look as lovely as these photos when they grown on.


sprouting tomato seedlings

I have labelled them Romano’s Tomatoes and I like to think of them as being a hansome juicy italian variety just like him!