tinyinc on the internet

tinyinc logo by Capriccio Design

I am finding that ‘maintaining’ tinyinc is as time consuming as ‘making’ for tinyinc.  Obviously the making is a joy. The maintaining in interesting but very challenging.

My sister is a freelance web site and graphic designer and runs  Capriccio Design and she designed a logo and business cards for me some time ago and even though the basics have remained unchanged it has come a long way from the original brand ideas.

tinyinc applique aprons

The design is now on my business cards, it is the gravatar on all my profiles and has even translated into the aprons that I wear at fairs etc.

I have loved this little logo and I adore the 100% handmade part. I have gone off it and I have even toyed with other designs that I have tried out in their very basic form on packaging and Liz has been exploring other logos for me but I do like the freshness of this logo.

I considered launching my own web site based shop rather than through selling sites and Liz has looked into all of this for me but it hasn’t progressed very far so I finally decided to forget all that the web site page simply needed to be updated.  Once I had decided that I was going to continue to use the original Capriccio logo,  it just needed to be on the web site.

It is now up there on my web page which appears first in any searches for ‘tinyinc’. I’m delighted with how the original logo has translated beautifully onto a web page. It is clean and crisp and Liz has brought it right up to date whilst managing to keep it simple, uncomplicated and straight forward to use. You can read a little about tinyinc on there and you can navigate to my blog, shops, contact details social media or pages.

I figure that the more places you can be seen and contacted from, the more likely people are to become aware of you.

With that sole purpose in mind, and in addition to my lovely new web site, I have:-

tinyinc on flickr

tinyinc group on facebook

tinyinc has a profile on facebook

tinyinc tweets

tinyinc is on the tryhandmade.com gallery

tinyinc has a studio on burda

tinyinc joined ukhandmade

It’s endless and some of the other pages that I have as a member or so are blank to date.  No time to fill them in!!!! I’m sure there are ways of rationalising which ones you promote but as a part time blogger and part time internet seller, it’s hard to get it right………