bunting for samuel

samuel bunting

samuel bunting

In order to keep the small savigars in the family all the same, I have just posted off bunting for little samuel.

hand applique letters

hand applique letters

It has some of the green to match his nursery decor but lots of other colours so that it will go with many different things and colour schemes as he grows up.

A flag

‘A’ flag

Bunting is one of my favourite makes. I think it is so jolly.

'E' flag

‘E’ flag

Baby Bunting for Katie

katie in pinks, purples, yellows and greens

To mark my 200th blog & my busiest day of views (which now total over 21,000) so far, the sun is shining and I am enjoying a long overdue day of making.

A flag

I have been able to complete a commission for one of my bunting customers, Catherine. She has ordered another string for the next little person who has arrived to join the family of friends of hers.

T flag

I love making bunting for little girls, the colours are so pretty and the flower motif is one of my absolute favourites.

There are so many girlie colour combinations but I usually get a steer on colours from the customer. Katie’s was to be pinks and purples.  Most of the girl’s bunting is pink or purple.

flower flag

Katie’s pretty bunting is joining the line up alongside Beth, Ronan & Devon that Catherine has also commissioned in the past.

flower flag

I will gift wrap it tonight and post it tomorrow and hope it arrives soon and that Katie’s parents like it as much as I do.

big green monster trucks

a group of us were invited to stay with friends at the weekend and the venue happened to be an RAF base.

our host has rather an important job at this wonderful base and also has access to a number of fantastic bits of kit.

imagine our delight the day after a fantastically fun evening of games and catching up with old friends, when we were invited to take a spin in a very large, very green RAF lorry.

38 ft long with 5 wheels down each side, an enormous fuel tank for filling helicopters and the ability to do off-road like nothing you’ve ever seen in your life! this was a chance in a lifetime, and us girls weren’t about to allow just the boys to have a go; so each of us sat at the wheel and took it for a ‘spin’.  it was very exciting and soooo much fun.

our instructor had very kindly given up his free time on a sunday morning to entertain us and he did it with good grace, great humour and a very winning smile.

there is nothing smarter than a man in uniform!

we also got to admire some of the other bits of kit that are essential to their maneuvers and it is like the line up from a boys ‘best toy box ever’ but in full size!!  Everything is armoured, green (which I happen to like very much) and has lots of interesting bits added (that I couldn’t even begin to guess what they might be for).  marvellous stuff.

I am filled with admiration for anyone brave enough to join the forces, be it my cousin’s eldest son, my grandad or all those boys fighting overseas.

my cousin’s son is in afghanistan again, my grandad was 19 years old and a regular soldier at the outbreak of world war II: he came home a dunkirk veteran and we are all very proud of both of them.

our host has done his bit too and the memorabilia around his home, not to mention his long line of medals, is testament to his service and gives a small insight into what he has experienced during his 29 years in the RAF.

as an outsider to this incredible ‘club’ of brave men, you cannot fail to be impressed and filled with admiration.  It is heartening to know that we are protected by these wonderful people and this wonderful kit.