Ironing Board Covers

fabric for the job

fabric for the job

An ironing board is necessary part of our household kit.

Especially if you sew

But they are pretty boring and not usually very attractive.

I dislike the quality and feel of most commercially available ironing board covers. I’m not that keen on most of the patterns available either.

With very little effort, however, making your own is very easy.

edges formed and ready to take cord

edges formed and cord threaded

Using the old cover as a template, simply measure out your fabric.

Don’t forget to add for your hem (about 2.5cm) which needs to be doubled over and stitched with a double row of top stitch about 1cm away from the edge to make it strong when you tighten  to fit but also to allow your cord to be fed through,

cord clip to hold it tight

cord clip to hold it tight

If you are lucky like I was with my £5 board from the closing down sale at woolies (thanks mum!) it has a cunning little piece of plastic to help you tighten the cord!

board with the trimmed wadding to fit

board with the trimmed wadding to fit

I was going to make the cover in the same fabric as I used to make the cover for my shopping basket but sadly, I have very little left and it certainly isn’t enough to cover my ironing board.

shaped at the iron stand end

shaped at the iron stand end

I like the floral print that I made Millie’s pencil roll out of and I still have a few meters of that left so I decided to use that instead.

I had various lengths of cord spare from doing a bit of picture framing that were long enough to do the job so I only had the wadding to buy (I wouldn’t even have had to do that except I no longer have any left in my stash!!!).



It didn’t take long at all and now I can iron out the freshly laundered additions to my fabric stash.

washed and ironed car booty fabrics

washed and ironed car booty fabrics

more unfinished projects

hand appliqued leaf detail

hand appliqued leaf detail

In between burger bears, loo roll bags and cushion commissions, I have been quietly wading through my unfinished work.

There was so much more than I realised but the pile is slowly diminishing.

the finished cushion

the finished cushion

This week I managed to complete a cushion I was trying something out on.

It’s a nice leafy fabric that is quite current in design. Although completely lovely, I don’t add twiddly bits like piping or frills to my cushions generally so they are quite simple.

leaf details highlighted

leaf details highlighted

My thinking with this fabric was that I could make it slightly three dimensional by appliqueing the leaves on top of the fabric again (if that makes sense). I picked random leaves but generally with a band leaves across the middle.

ikea small worktop ironing board with folding legs

ikea small worktop ironing board with folding legs

It is a lot simpler than most things I make but I like it.

The best thing about it was being able to finish it off in my new work room; the first thing to come out of there but it isn’t my first complete creation to be made in there as I have yet to find the time to do that.

ironing the finished item

ironing the finished item

Can’t wait.

Valentine Cushion

love cushion

love cushion

I have finished one of my many ‘unfinished’ projects and here it is.

I adored the ‘love’ cushions that I made for friends & colleagues wedding gifts and while I was designing them, I had looked at different colours and combinations before settling on the cream ones.

Anyway, whilst trying to find the right combination for the presents, I had prepared one cushion in cream with red letters. It wasn’t subtle enough for a wedding gift but I did think it might make a nice valentine gift for someone.

red needle cord letters

red needle cord letters

The letters are in red needle cord and although it is quite simple, I really like the effect. I love red.

I am definitely going to make more of these and I have some more ideas for a similar cushion with button/beads and other decoration added to the letters or I might try the letters in patchwork or multi colours.

I still have lots of unfinished things and I must get on with those first.

So, for now though, this one is finished and in perfect time for Valentine’s Day!

Baby Bunting

leo bunting

My very clever friend V suggested that I try using small flags in my bunting. Having seen something at the knitting and stitching show, it got me thinking.

When a name is very short, it is difficult to make it interesting or even too decorated with cars, and hearts and flowers on the flags that don’t have letters on them. Very, very short names like Leo mean that without these extra flags, it is really short bunting, or very plain bunting.

alternate small flags

So, with V’s suggestion still in my head, and because one of the boy’s at work has just become a dad this week, the opportunity came up.

Little Leo now has this new style bunting for his nursery and I’m very pleased with it. It’s a great way to make bunting fun for a short name.

theodore grey bunting

Just as Leo arrived Theodore Gray was taking delivery of his bunting from his Grandma.

From one extreme to the other!

hedgehog motif for theodore gray

I have made the shortest bunting name ever and the longest ever all in the same week.

Now I have to get cracking with some for a very little person who has just arrived into my family in Canada!

double deckers

£10 deck chairs

A few weeks ago JC managed to pick up these 2 deck chairs for £10 at the local car boot sale. He left them with the seller for collection at the end and was pleased to hear that his decision to buy them had been sound as he could have sold them 10 times over and for 3 times as much.

I was delighted with them. They are perfect for a bit of R&R in our garden when the hammock isn’t quite the ticket but they need some work as the fabric is cute but cheap and mildew marked.

I have searched for similar on the internet and the prices vary vastly from £50 each to a whopping £130 each. £10 seems more than reasonable.

Even Max likes them

Because they need new canvas I was handed the perfect opportunity to go shopping on a web site I have had bookmarked for ages. It’s called  deck chair stripes which does exactly what it says in the title and what a lovely selection of things made of deck chair stripes it is too.

They sell deck chairs, director’s chairs, aprons, tea towels, bags, upholstery fabric, cushions, oilcloth, vintage canvas (I could go on further) & trimmings that all match each other so you can go stripes mad.

climbing canvas

They sell the deckchair canvas by the meter or they sell a pre-measured deck chair canvas at full price with the second 1/2 price which makes a great deal for 2. It only cost me £23 including postage to cover both of our car boot finds.

Our selection to recover our bargain deckchairs was ‘climbing‘. It is teaming with lots of vibrant colours, it will go with anything and is perfect for cheering up any garden.

It came within a few days of the order being placed and some complimentary sweets!


We have finally had the time to put the new canvases on. Since I already had the upholstery tacks they weren’t to buy and so no added expense.

canvas going on

JC fixed the canvases onto the frames on his workbench. It was quite tricky but we got there in the end. We might get a few extra upholstery nails to add to the fixings

one chair completed

The deck chair canvas meterage was just over what was needed for the chairs so I fashioned a small head cushion for each out of the spare just to add a bit of extra luxury. Bonus!

bonus cushion

£33.00 and a bit of effort for a couple of thrifty beauties doesn’t seem so bad. We love them and I just wish the sun would stay out long enough for us to give them a test drive.

I think I might have to invest in some more canvas to make a bag or cushion or something!

the finished pair