oh so totes

making a tote on my frister rossman cub 7

I have made 4 more tote bags like the one I made for myself.

Some of the fabrics that I work with come from a lovely lady called ann who makes curtains.  She gives lots of fabric offcuts to the local school for their craft projects and my friend Anna gets some of it for me to work with. It is free and as leftovers it sits very well with my recycling/upcycling preference for Tinyinc.

connecting the lining

These ones, like the one I made myself are using some of the fabric offcuts from Ann’s studio so it seemed appropriate to me that one of them should serve as a thank you to Ann for her generosity.  It has been posted and should have arrived by now and I hope Ann has use for it and knows how much I appreciate her generosity.

finsihed tote

I have also sent one to my mum and to the lady who recently gave me a load of sewing stuff that she no longer has a use for.

lined with an inside pocket

These totes are quite capacious and able to hold much more than A4 documents, they are lined and have a pocket on the outside as well as the inside. They are gusseted to help them keep their shape when they are full and they have straps that go all the way underneath which gives them structure and makes them robust for carrying heavy things.

hot pink lining

Mine is invaluable and I hope everyone gets as much use out of theirs as I do out of mine.

pink and mink

jessica’s tooth fairy

Another tooth fairy cushion is winging it’s way to a little girl in the north east of england who is also losing her milk teeth (one down, lots to go!).

I have dispatched the cushion by post with a little card explaining the gift as Jessica has no idea about it.

Her mum also gets an envelope with the letters that are needed to go in the pocket with the payment from the tooth fairy to thank Jessica for her tooth.

I’ve enjoyed making these cushions and have a ‘tooth truck’ in mind for the small boys who will start to lose their teeth soon too.

Think I might make some pouches too.

I saw this wonderful idea on google images a while ago that is just so charming and would add to the whole fun of a tooth fairy and that is a tiny little door that you stick to the skirting that makes it possible for the fairy to get into the room.  The concept being that the magic door is put in place only when it is needed.  Soooo cute!!!

tools of the trade for a beginner



needle case


I have had a lot of very fun making things with my niece over the 11 years of her little life.  It usually involves sticking, cutting and lots of glitter and what she makes are always pretty and quite sophisticated for a small person.

pin cushion


she and I have tried a bit of crochetting and even a bit of knitting or pom pom making together when sticking just isn’t enough but a while ago, she expressed an interesting in learning how to sew.  We got set up with the sewing machine one day and she made herself a bag.

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reusable bags again

a handy bag for gym

a 'handybag' for gym kit

I had my niece come to stay for the night last night and, after maths homework (which was based on goal differences and did not impress her one little bit), we set about our project for the evening.

Whenever my niece comes to stay, be it for the day, the weekend or just after school, she & I have a project.

The last one was making a small stuffed figure which she did with great adeptness and imagination and went home with the most delightful blond, dolled up cutie creature with the biggest baby button eyes you’ve ever seen.

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re-usable bags

recyclebag5The concept of a re-usable bag is a relatively new one really.

If you asked my mum or gran what a re-usable bag was in days gone by, they wouldn’t have understood.  A bag was either a shopping bag or a handbag (or shoulder bags in the 70s!), all re-usable and only replaced when absolutely essential.

The idea of a disposable carrier bag or plastic bag must have been quite alien but we have become accustomed to them and they are even being reused themselves now and turned into iconic accessories (to your left)

No matter how hard you try, you always end up with and odd carrier bag from shopping but I have become quite committed to my re-usable bags.  I have collected quite a few in the hunt for the perfect solution.  I have the large supermarket ones that are great but really only for the supermarket and aren’t very easy to pop into your handbag to be on hand all the time.

I have a couple of the folding ones that are a bit better for carrying around and my Sis has a gorgeous hot pink string bag that she loves.  All great in their own way (and they are re-usable afterall) but they just never seem to be quite the ticket for me.

The closest I got was one that JC put in my stocking at Christmas (convinced he would be dumped as a result of it) which I love and is just about perfect. But not quite…..

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