bunting for samuel

samuel bunting

samuel bunting

In order to keep the small savigars in the family all the same, I have just posted off bunting for little samuel.

hand applique letters

hand applique letters

It has some of the green to match his nursery decor but lots of other colours so that it will go with many different things and colour schemes as he grows up.

A flag

‘A’ flag

Bunting is one of my favourite makes. I think it is so jolly.

'E' flag

‘E’ flag

Four Corners of the Globe

flowery 'A' flag

flowery ‘A’ flag


Whilst it isn’t quite the four corners of the globe, the places that my bunting has gone are pretty far away.  To date they are hanging in nurseries in Canada, new zealand, ireland, Australia & Brazil.


letter 'O' flag

letter ‘O’ flag


This little collection of flags are going to make the 2nd in canada so far.


pink 'L' flag

pink ‘L’ flag


I love making bunting and I have missed doing it so I was delighted to be asked to rustle up something for a little granddaughter Lola Mae.


flags on bias

flags on bias


I have another commission for bunting that will be needed in August. Without knowing whether this little one will be a boy or a girl or indeed what their name will be, I can’t even make a start.  Except that I do know it has to be green.


lola mae

lola mae



a new tinyinc baby gift

My proper job colleague Stuart and his wife Emma have just had a baby and everyone is very excited.

It is a little girl and she is called Ellie.

One of My friends Anna knows the couple, and I was chatting to her before Ellie was born and Anna had a feeling that they were going to have a little girl.

With huge amounts of confidence in Anna’s instincts, off I went to make a cushion for a nursing chair that was coloured in pinks to suit a little girl.  I just had to hope the cushion matched the arrival.

Of course Anna, right on the money…..

I’ve made baby cushions before but I like the simplicity of the stork and baby image.  I hope Emma, Stuart and Ellie like it.

I have made another one in lemon and also blue.

As always, with all my finished makes, it has inspired me and I now have all kinds of images in my head for other baby cushions.