tinyinc’s hand made blanket for bertie

timid tiger

timid tiger

The joys of September seem to be a long way behind me (hand embroidered cushionblanket for bertierecyclingblanket for henrystuff on folksyblanket for max,sorting outkid’s aprons) and my full time job has become very demanding again.  It is difficult to find any spare time to sew or knit or crochet.

I also spoke to a shop about selling my things and have to produce some more items that may become stock for sale.

I am, however, making slow but steady progress on bertie’s blanket and have completed more blocks.

silly snakesilly snake

I am getting very distracted by my other smaller projects, that are quick to complete and I have so many ideas that it is frustrating not to be able to just crack on with them; the ones that might help me make a country living.



Bertie’s blanket, however, is a pleasure to work on and I am looking forward to it being finished.

I still have the cockatoo, hippo, leopard, flamingo, tortoise & elephant to complete to complete the 12 blocks for the blanket and 1 block for the matching cushion.

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