more tinyinc vintage finds

vintage scales

We found this lovely set of vintage scale at our local car boot recently and they are now on show with some of our other thrifty purchases.

Last weekend particularly seemed to be a good thrifting weekend and I considered to have scored incredibly well when I came home with :-

a pair of lovely off white curtains for £3, another pair for £2 and another pair for 50p.

table cloth

clover and daisy detail from table cloth

2 vintage table cloths that my gran would have been proud of for 50p each.

fire screen

a part finished embroidered piece for £1 that looks like it was intended for a fire screen

and 4 cotton crochetted doillies for 20p each.

ribbons and flowers table cloth

flowers and ribbons detail

A box of 20 or so skeins of emboridery silks for £2.

4 bobbins of silko thread for 30p each.

And finally…..

A bundle of pretty patchwork fabrics for 50p.

The curtains will be chopped up to recover a stool and cushion covers.  It is by far the cheapest way to get fabric by the yard.

The table cloths will be stashed away until I can work out what I want to do with them. I have a few embroidered table cloths and runners already and am tempted to remake them into other things such as cushion covers, bags, bunting and apron pockets etc.

floral detail

garland detail

We shall see.

One of the two that I got this weekend is particularly pretty and beautifully embroidered so I think I may keep it and use it on occasion. The pattern is of clover and daisies and just seems so perfect for a country kitchen table on a sunny afternoon.

daisies and clover

I am also coming around to the idea of afternoon teas like my gran used to do. My wonderful friend V (Pearl Barley) has started to do themed teas as a commercial venture so I’m sure the table cloths will come in handy for that if I don’t use them for anything myself.

The part finished screen work has survived the wash and will become a cushion cover, I think.

beaded food savers

The most fun I’ve had so far with my thrifty finds though is with the doillies. I don’t have a use for doillies particularly and I bought these specifically to attach beads around the outside to weight them.  This makes them useful as covers for jugs of lemonade, pots of honey or dishes of sugar to keep them free of those awful flies.

beaded food saver

I have lots of beads from broken jewellery and they make a perfect addition to complete the item.

beaded food saver

Pretty and useful.

beaded food saver

beaded food saver

6 thoughts on “more tinyinc vintage finds

  1. Lovely pictures, as always. And love your idea’s for breathing new life into those old treasures. Whoever made them I am sure would be thrilled to think that they were still loved and used but in a new guise.

  2. Wow! They’re wonderful bargains! Pity, really, that vintage embroidery isn’t ‘valued’ more, price-wise, but then they wouldn’t be so affordable. At least now they’ve gone to a good home 🙂

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