a bit of knitting

My favourite fingerless gloves, which I hate to admit to buying, are just about finished their useful life so I set about knitting myself wrist warmers as a replacement.

I always have balls of wool around the place, bought for something not yet started or left over for something already made or even just because I happened to like the colour and added it to my pile!

It wasn’t difficult to chose the colours that I wanted to combine; I love olive green albeit a bit dark, hot pink is just the most delicious of colours & I have always been drawn to tourquoise.

The infill of the sand colour balances it nicely and helps break up the other strong colours.

My gran used to knit in the round endlessly and churned out fabulous winter socks.  I think it had started when my grandad was away at war and she used to send bundles of them out to him overseas.

It’s quite fiddly but once you get your rythmn and have worked out how to handle all those needles, it’s simple enough. A simple tube like a wrist warmer is a great way to start if you fancied a go.

I finished them this weekend and was just starting to finish off the ends when my sister and niece popped in.

My niece has snaffled them and now my sister wants a pair.  Looks like my wrists are going to stay on the cool side for a while longer yet.

Because I also crochet and am torn between the two as to which looks nicer, I also crochetted the same item, in the same colours.

It has proved something that I think I already knew…..

Knitting is best for some things and crochetting is best for other things.

I definitely like the knitted ones best……


7 thoughts on “a bit of knitting

  1. Love that colour choice, but am amazed at how different the colours look between knitting and crocheting. Both fab but my favourite is most certainly the knitting.

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