The bunting for William and Henry as well as a previous commission for a cushion for Jack has meant some repeat business from Ness.

She is very proud to be Aunty to Arthur and asked me to make a cushion like Jack’s and bunting like William and Henry’s with his name on it.

You don’t hear about many children being called Arthur much these days but I have to say I love it as a name.  My Sis’s friend Zannah is married to an Arthur, there is a film called simply “Arthur’ and apart from Ness’s little nephew, the only other one I can recall was one in Eastenders about 3,000 years ago!

I imagine the name sitting on the shoulders of a fun but earnest little boy who sees things that other boys don’t. I don’t mean in the Camelot kind of way, but in a sensitive and thoughtful kind of way.

The very kind of way that would make any mum’s heart melt if her little man was that aware!

What a great name.

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