Joseph Bunting

My great niece Ella has bunting for her room and although my great nephew Joseph has the jungle chums blanket that I made, he has to have bunting too so that he and his lovely big sis are the same.

S flag

S flag

Ella’s bunting is (of course!) pink and largely floral

Joseph Bunting

Joseph Bunting

But Joseph’s is all the primary colours, checks and spots. I love both equally.

I think his nursery decor is quite simple so it should fit in and hopefully last him quite a while.

hanging bunting

hanging bunting

I have been banned from buying more fabric since my stash is slightly unmanageable at the moment but it is amazing what I find that I forgot that I had!!

I’m not getting much sewing done at the moment anyway so I shouldn’t buy any more until I have worked my way through what I have.

Joseph Bunting

Joseph Bunting

I think I might have to get on with Christmas bunting next though as the weeks are flying by and the season is creeping upon us.

I haven’t even started some of the things I need to make as Christmas gifts! Aaaaagh!!


bunting for samuel

samuel bunting

samuel bunting

In order to keep the small savigars in the family all the same, I have just posted off bunting for little samuel.

hand applique letters

hand applique letters

It has some of the green to match his nursery decor but lots of other colours so that it will go with many different things and colour schemes as he grows up.

A flag

‘A’ flag

Bunting is one of my favourite makes. I think it is so jolly.

'E' flag

‘E’ flag

Dear Declan

letter 'D'

letter ‘D’

One of my most loyal bunting customers, Catherine, contacted me recently to let me know that a friend would be needing some bunting pretty quickly.

Letter 'E'

letter ‘E’

Although the order for the friend went elsewhere in the end, it was lovely to hear from Catherine again.

letter 'A'

letter ‘A’

It was especially lovely because it came with the news that she has a new ‘little man’ in her household. .

Letter 'N'

Letter ‘N’

Baby Declan has arrived to join brother Ronan.

letter 'L'

letter ‘L’

As a token of thanks for all her support, I have made some bunting for Declan.

finished bunting

finished bunting

It is all parcelled up and ready for posting to it’s happy destination in Dublin.



My little Moo stickers came in handy to fasten the tissue paper and this turquoise and blue ribbon is rather cute.

moo tinyinc stickers

moo tinyinc stickers

I hope to hear from Catherine again when she receives her parcel and perhaps again if the family numbers increase or those of her friends do.

parcelled up and ready to go

parcelled up and ready to go

If there is more bunting required to travel over the Irish Sea to Dublin, I will be very happy.

congratulations tag

congratulations tag

two little boys

having seen what Arthur’s bunting, a friend of Arthur’s mum contacted me with a commission for 2 little boys that she also wanted bunting for.

Devon’s was needed for this week so I wonder if he has a birthday.

Ronan’s wasn’t so urgent but I managed to get them both completed this weekend and they will be posted off tomorrow.

I hope they are received well.



Bunting for Sale

making bunting

It seems like an absolute age since I visited Facebook, tweeted or pinned  let alone actually did any sewing to talk about or sell on any of these forums.

BUT, this weekend I had a lovely busy saturday catching up on some sewing and a lovely sunny sunday for finishing them off. Having completed Nyah’s bunting, I decided to work my way through some more names that I want to stock in my shop at folksy  and wowthankyou before I get started on my christmas commissions.

fabric flags

Some of the particular names were requested by some mums whereas others are either names that are quite popular or those that I particularly like.

work in progress

Almost everything used for the making of the bunting has been found as a thrifty buy, printed old cloth from america on ebay, recycled from items of clothing or furnishing fabrics or any other place you can think of getting vintage fabrics from.

My mum is a great thrifty shopper and has contributed handsomely to my stockpile of fabrics. Most of her finds are perfect whether it is for the backings or the flags.

There are so many lovely colour and pattern combinations it is difficult to know where to stop? Boys seem to suit a mixture of striped and chequered fabrics.

And of course girls like anything pink and / or flowery.

But then there are some fabrics that will just match the decor.  I could keep going for ever and have already started the next handful before my weekend comes to an end.